Patient Care Technician Test Prep in Louisville, KY

Patient Care Technician Test Prep

This program consists of four courses: Phlebotomy, EKG, CNA, and a PCT Online Review Course taken one at a time. Phlebotomy, EKG, and CNA are taken at Healthcare Training of Florida with day and evening class options. The review class is done fully online designed to prepare students for the CPCT exam.

In this program, you will learn how to care for a patient’s personal and medical needs as well as learn about Electrocardiogram procedures and Phlebotomy techniques.

Typically, a patient care technician works directly with patients under the supervision of a nurse or doctor in a hospital setting. Duties of a patient care technician include: monitoring blood pressure, heart rate, pulse, overseeing administration of medication, read heart rate monitoring machines, draw blood from patients.

In addition to performing medical procedures, patient care technicians may be called upon to assist in a patient’s basic care needs, such as, feeding, bathing, helping patients walk, and perform range-of-motion exercises

Patient Care Technician Test Prep

  • 16-20 Weeks
  • Cost – $2350, for all 4 courses